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Kids with Cameras, USA, 2009

These kids are heroes and Koepenic their Pied Piper
-Kevin Spacey

Emotional and intimately revealing
- Annie Potts

Kids with Cameras takes us on a whirlwind tour into an unlikely Hollywood studio, where a group of kids with Autism in Southern California, explode onto the screen with creative self-expression through the magic of the creative process of cinematic expression.

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Gifted, Australia, 2009 Featuring some of the worlds champion water skiers. Death defying jumps and razor precise slalom skiing against the backdrop of a top notch soundtrack in HD.

Produced and directed by Brad Priekulis, Gifted features extreme water skiiing by Freddie Krueger, WillyAsher, Ryan Fitts, Karina Nowlan, Thomas Moore, Billy Suzy, Tom Asher, Damian Sharman, Trent Finlayson, Ian Trapp and many more.

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The Way of St. James Germany, 2008
An inspirational journey along the famed Camino de Santiago trail, a grueling and breathtaking 500 km. walk/hike, to the historic Santiago Cathedral, where the bones of St-James are purported to lay. This site has been a destination for pilgrims for more than 1200 years, long before eco-tourism became a fad. Expertly narrated by a walker of The Way, many stops and discoveries of this timeless heritage site await viewers. 2010 is a special year as a result of special religious calendars, resulting in higher traffic, and culminating in a papal visit for the first time, in November 2010.



"Kids with Cameras"

"The Way of St. James"