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411 films – Through The Glass DVD

411films is pleased to offer to first 500 customers only: A 25% discount plus free instant access on exclusive HD Video streaming (a $ 5.99 value)

“Through The Glass” DVD is available now: please choose the correct version for your viewing territory:

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“Through The Glass” Collectors Edition

with Exclusive Extras:

-Special Limited time launch Discount 25% off

($14.96 USD  instead of $19.95 plus shipping using coupon code “T25” in checkout)

“Through The Glass” Collectors Edition
with Exclusive Extras:

-Special Limited time launch Discount 25% off

($14.96 USD instead of $19.95 plus shipping  using coupon code “T25” in checkout)

Through The Glass DVD NTSC Version


“…a solid directorial debut from one of Nollywood’s top screen stars”

“A romantic comedy set in the heart of America , bringing together humor, culture and romantic intrigue.
A solid first film from director and writer Stephanie Okereke”

Stephanie’s work needs no introduction to fans of Nollywood films, but to the rest, she has carved a unique place for herself an an actor, and now introduces us to her skills as writer and director. Stephanie’s story from successful screen star, to life threatening car accident, including broken legs, major facial burns, is as full of twists and turns as her new film THROUGH THE GLASS. The film includes many exclusive extras including:

Special LA Film Premiere screening interviews and after-party scenes

Complete Cannes Film Festival exclusive interview with Stephanie

Deleted Scenes from Through The Glass

Limited to first 500 only: instant access exclusive Video streaming version of Through The Glass in HD

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And don’t forget only the first 500 customers will get instant access to Through The Glass on HD video streaming as a free exclusive bonus, so hurry and place your order using the Buy Now buttons above for your territory. There are more than 70 countries with customers waiting for this release, and Stephanie has more than 250,000 fans on Facebook alone, so don’t delay.