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Welcome to 411Films, a filmmaker run premiere destination for captivating independent documentaries that inspire, educate, and entertain. Dive into a world of thought-provoking storytelling, where each film is a window into unique perspectives, untold stories, and remarkable journeys.

At 411Films, we curate a diverse collection of documentaries covering a wide array of topics, from social issues and cultural phenomena to historical events and personal narratives. Our mission is to showcase the power of documentary filmmaking in exploring the complexities of the human experience and shedding light on untold truths.


411films is an independent documentary channel for festival grade documentaries for global audiences. Created by filmmakers, 411films features Canadian and internationally produced films about global topics, with strong social justice themes and topics.

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Stream our top award winning and festival grade documentaries. Award-winning Mental States documentary explores the criminalization of mental illness in America.

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Tune into our LIVE programming anytime, 24/7. Enjoy exclusive access to filmmaker curated documentary films not seen on any other platform. An Encounter With Banting tell the  groundbreaking Nobel Prize winning story of the discovery of insulin, saving millions of lives.

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Browse 411 filmsl series – independently produced for the 411films community. We have something for everyone. YES I DO, is a hit documentary series exploring intercultural weddings.

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